Thursday, December 6, 2012

Food and Fitness Diary

Okay, so I tried out doing writing up a food and fitness diary for a couple of weeks and found that it helped me a bit.

 Here's how to do it:

1. Record
2. Evaluate
3. Note
4. Set Goals
5. Implement

I recorded everything I'd eaten that day and all exercise I'd done.
- Did 60 crunches today
- Did 10 push-ups
- Ate pasta
- Had wheetbix for breakfast with 2tsps sugar

I would then evaluate my diet and activity for that day. I put a tick next to the good and a cross next to the bad.
- Ate 2 fruits (tick)
- Ate 5 veggies (tick)
- Ate 6 chocolate biscuits (cross)
- Ate 2 lollies (tick, because 2 is enough for a treat)
- Did 60 crunches (tick)
- Did 10 push-ups (cross, because that's not enough)

After evaluating I would then write some notes.
- Didn't drink enough water today
- Need to walk more
- Ate plenty of fruits and veggies

The next step is to then set myself some goals for the next week/month.
- Tone up arms
- Start butt exercises
- Drink more water

The final step is to implement your goals or to put them into action. The next time you look at your diary (which should be the following night) or when you decide to check if you've achieved your goals, tick them off and start on some new goals.

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