Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spam Sandwich

Here's another recipe for all you food lovers out there.

So, I was at home bored and hungry, but there was very little in the house to eat (we all know how that feels), so I started to experiment with what we had: bread, avocado, and spam. So I decided to make a sandwich for lunch.

- 2 slices Wholemeal bread
- Avocado (do not use avocado dip)
- 2 thin slices of 50% less fat spam
- Margarine

1. Lightly toast the bread
2. Spread margarine onto toast
3. Scoop a bit of avocado onto each slice of toast, spreading it
4. Place your two slices of spam onto one slice of toast and place the other slice of toast on top to make a sandwich
5. (this is the best part) EAT it!

You can add or replace anything in this recipe, for e.g. tomatoes, slices or ham, beef, chicken, melt cheese - whatever you want! Just be sure to keep it healthy :)

Hope you enjoy my lunch idea XD

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