Fat Burning Routine:

Click here for a tutorial on bench dips.

See my Ab Cruncher routine for the crunches used in this routine. Click here for a tutorial on back extensions.

Click here for a tutorial on side lunges. Click here for a tutorial on heel raises.

Ab Cruncher workout:

Do you want an entire workout that focuses only on your core? Maybe you have tried a routine before but you're bored of it. Or maybe your routine lacks variety. Well, I have a good all-rounder crunch and sit-up routine which will workout all of your abdominal muscles. Here's how it goes (by the way, this is all done on the floor, with your back flat on the ground):

  1. 10 crunches (with your hands behind your ears and your elbows out) 
  2. 10 cross-crunches to the left (do a crunch as you normally would, except as you come up let your right handreach over to your left on a diagonal. As you come back down, your right hand returns to your ear)
  3. 10 cross-crunches to your right
  4. 10 side-crunches to your right (crunches which move in a side motion)
  5. 10 side crunches to your left
  6. 10 sit-ups
  7. 10 lower abdominal crunches (back flat on ground, legs come off the ground and are straight. Rise and lower the legs 10 times without touching the ground)
  8. Legs count to 10 (keep the legs in the air as before, and 'draw' the numbers 1-10. This works all of your abdominal muscles at once)
  9. Stretch out your abs with the cobra stretch and then rock back onto your heels into child pose (see below for diagram).
If this was too easy for you or you want more of a challenge just repeat the routine or double the number of crunches of each set. For the more advanced, I suggest that on set 7 that you also lift your back as well as your legs to form a 'V' in the air, then lower your legs and rise. To further intensify the workout add a set of pulses.

10 minute workout:

1. 10 push-ups (on knees for toning, or on feet for muscle building)

2. 10 crunches
3. 10 sit-ups
4. Lie on back, legs straight and up in the air. Trace with your feet, the numbers 1-10 in the air.
5. Plank for 10 seconds
6. After plank, go into child pose
7. Follow up with an inner thigh exercise (of your choice)
8. 10 lunges on each leg


If you want something more challenging try this:

1. 10 crunches
2. 10 sit-ups
3. Ten push-ups (elbows bending outwards)
4. Repeat the above, but this time instead of bending your elbows out, keep your elbows in towards your body.
5. Now, do 8 more crunches (on each side) this time reaching for your ankles (you show be moving in a sideways motion).
6. Rock back into child pose to relax and stretch out your back.
7. Now, plank for 10 seconds, and side plank for 10 seconds each side
8. Go into a cobra stretch and hold for 20 seconds, then go back to child's pose and hold for 10 seconds.
9. Now, finish off with a good butt exercise (of your choice) and stretch it out.
Child pose

Dance Aerobics
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