Monday, October 8, 2012

Fitness in the Holidays

Hey guys,

Usually, exercising in the holidays is easier to manage because you have more time + (if you're a parent) the kids are home and they are there to keep you active and almost always on the go. But I personally find it hard to keep up my fitness during the holidays because I never have much physical activity on AND dance is never on in the holidays. So in a way, I think I'm worse off than those who don't regularly exercise 5 hours a week, because by holiday time I'm doing very little physical activity and then when I start dance again at the beginning of the new term I'm absolutely ACHING. Not to mention, disappointed because I can't kick my leg as high, or I've lost my turnout, or I feel heavy when I jump.

So this holiday I did something different to my usual holiday routine. I kept myself busy. My goal was to do something everyday. I decided to spend more time with friends, I helped my dad paint a room (which is a great workout for your back by the way) as well as do some gardening with my dad (also great for your back), took my son to the beach, went to prayer night and bible study, AND I also went to gym for 5 hours (for at least 3 hours each day). This holiday has been AWESOME!

Okay, so I don't have a gym membership, but Fitness First do a fitness program for teens in school called FFIT Holidays (which I did) and another program called FFIT Schools. This program has helped me keep fit during this school holiday and I even got to try out new stuff like:

- Zumba
- Body Combat
- Pilates
- leg press, chest press
- cycling
- and some strange yet exciting vibrating construction designed to tone, build, and relax muscles. It looks something like this:

So if you're still in school and find it hard to get motivated to exercise in the school holidays I highly recommend this program for you. I know that it has helped me a lot. Although I love dance, it's nice to learn how to work your muscles in other ways.

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