Monday, December 10, 2012

My New Diet!

SO, I'm about to start my new diet (I say start because I was supposed to start today and already ruined it). I don't really have a name for it as yet, but here's a quick description. It's plain and simple...

Eat healthy

Eat junk

Haha, so I was joking when I said it would be simple. No diet as extreme as this is easy. The reason I call it extreme is not because it's actually extreme (really, we should only be eating healthy anyway), but because I am almost going from one extreme to the next. Me, who indulges in sweets whenever I feel like it, is going to have to not just cut down the sweets, but ultimately cut them out altogether. NOW, this does not include the sugar I put in my tea or on my Weet-Bix in the morning. This also does not include the natural sugar in fruits and honey and all that other yummy stuff. Basically, I'm just not going to eat the man-made junk. I'm going all natural baby - well, almost...

So here's how I am going to select the food I eat:

  • Is this food nude? Does it look as if it's come straight out of nature, the way God made it (e.g. as it's picked off a tree, dug out of the ground)? Sausages - not a nude food.
  • If it's not nude, what's in it? Only eat it if all or most of the ingredients healthy (e.g. tuna bake: tuna, cheese, potatoes, and onion are healthy. BUT, even though apple pies have apples in it, the sugar content is way too high - so you wouldn't eat that).
  • If it has the word 'pie' in the name, don't eat it... Whether it's called shepherds pie, pepper and steak pie, pizza pie, apple pie, curry pie, cream pie, or anything pie don't eat it. Even if  it's a veggie pie - I don't care. Most pies, contain processed meat (which is NOT good for you) and it has too much pastry in it (or, more accurately, around it it), which brings me to...
  • If it's a pastry, don't eat it. This includes pies, sausage rolls, lasagna, pasta, AND baklava (any any other sweet or savory pastry). WAY too many kilojoules...
For now, I'm allowing any drinks because it's not like I drink anything besides water, tea, and juice. My short-term goals are to increase the amount of protein in my diet, and decrease the amount of carbs, and learn to enjoy and appreciate food the way God originally made them. God has blessed us with the wonderful gift of creativity, which means we can play experiment with how we make this food. BUT, let's keep it healthy. After all, god gave us food to keep us healthy and alive - not to rot and kill us. My long-term goals are to lose 'unhealthy' weight and to gain good health.

From now on, I plan to use this blog as if it were my food and exercise diary. I will keep you up-to-date with  new and healthy recipes I try or create, and with any new exercise routines to keep you fit! I will also continue to update this diet (and eventually give it a name) as it progresses and as I modify in hopes of meeting specific needs.

Please pray that this diet will come to fruition and pray for my self-control during this time. 

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