Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today's breakfast...

Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, I disagree - not with the value, just the wording of the phrase. ALL meals are important because our meals provide us with the energy we need throughout the day AND keeps our metabolisms going. So it is important that we don't skip any meals.

So why is there a lot of emphasis on breakfast? Well, my opinion is that because mornings are usually very busy (e.g. late for work, need to get those sleepy and moody teenagers out of bed, or get to early morning training - for all those young athletes out there) breakfast is the meal most people skip (if they, indeed, skip any meals at all). So this is why we need to focus on breakfast - make it part of your routine, not just another thing to 'fit' into your day.

So here are some of my breakfast tips:

1. If you're a weet-bix lover like me (because you smother it in sugar) here's a tip. Instead of covering your weet-bix in heaps of sugar, just sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar on your weet-bix and then another teaspoon in the milk for a sweet-but-not-too-sweet breakie.

2. If cereal is not really your thing, but you do enjoy a cuppa in the morning, then try this. Swap your coffee/tea mug for a teacup*. With that, add a slice of raisin toast, a small handful of almonds (protein), followed by a small tub of yoghurt (for digestion).
Note: I prefer a breakie full of carbs to give me the burst I need to wake me up, which is why I generally have option 1. But if you prefer the idea of a low-GI breakie go for option 2 (the combination of carbs with proteins in a meal changes your energy to low-GI).

So there you have it. Option one for a keep energy boost and option 2 for low-GI. I realize that that these breakie plans are not particularly healthy, but the idea is to moderate yourself - not completely cut out the things you love.

* Instead of your normal tea or coffee, why not shake things up? Have a small cup of chai latte instead, or have a mug of herbal tea (will later post the befits of herbal tea and my own tea recipes).

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